Dhanlaxmi Aapka Aapna Jewellery Purchase Plan

Monthly Instalment payment will give you a host of benefits.

85% of one month instalment as discount on Jewellery purchase at the end of the DHANLAXMI PLAN plan period.

Free Golden Circle Membership , Khimji's loyalty program across all Khimji stores.

The flexibility to choose from Khimji's national network.

Instalment Per Month Total Amount After 10 Months Redemption Amount After 10 Months Redemption Amount After 11 Months Redemption Amount After 12 Months
1,000 10,000 10,600 10,700 10,850
2,000 20,000 21,200 21,400 21,700
3,000 30,000 31,800 32,100 32,550
5,000 50,000 53,000 53,500 54,250
10,000 1,00,000 1,06,000 1,07,000 1,08,500
15,000 1,50,000 1,59,000 1,60,500 1,62,750
20,000 2,00,000 2,12,000 2,14,000 2,17,000
25,000 2,50,000 2,65,000 2,67,500 2,71,000
30,000 3,00,000 3,18,000 3,21,000 3,25,500
35,000 3,50,000 3,71,000 3,74,500 3,79,750
40000 4,00,000 4,24,000 4,28,000 4,34,000
45,000 4,50,000 4,77,000 4,81,500 4,88,250
50,000 5,00,000 5,30,000 5,35,000 5,42,500
Key Conditions for the DHANLAXMI PLAN customers (12 months plan):

The PLAN is a 12 month plan where the customer has to pay 10 instalments and his/her maturity would start after 300 days from the date of joining the plan.

The DHANLAXMI PLAN will allow the customer to pay 10 fixed monthly instalments of minimum 3,000 or above ( in multiples of 3000). in a span of 10 months, customer has to pay one instalment every month. More than on instalment in a single will not be accepted.

In the event the customer fails to pay his/her installment for any 2 months in the 10 month period, Khimji will refund only the principal amount paid by the customer without any return. Khimji will need a copy of the PAN card for refunding the principal amount by cheque or online transfer only. Hence customers are requested to provide a copy of their PAN card at the time of enrolling.

The customers would be eligible for a discount of 85% of one month instalment upon completion of 365 days from the date of joining the plan. An example is given below for reference.

The customer is mandatorily required to redeem his/her account before 390 days from the date of payment of the first instalment.

In case the customer does not redeem within 390 days, he/she will be refunded the principal amount paid by him/her without any benefits.

Gold and silver coins cannot be purchased against the instalments paid under the plan. Monthly instalments paid under the plan can be made only against the purchase of Jewellery at khimji Stores.

Customers are allowed to withdraw the installments they have already paid. However, no discount or any other benefit by way of interest or otherwise would be given. All refunds would be paid only by way of cheque or online transfer.

85% of one instalment would be given as discount on the purchase of Jewellery only if all 10 monthly instalments are paid by the account holder till the maturity date, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan. The customer will not be eligible for the benefits if all 10 instalments are not paid in 10 months.

DHANLAXMI PLAN account holder is required to provide a copy of his/her photo ID like Ration Card/Passport/Pan card/Aadhar/Driving License/Voter ID etc...,, and cancelled cheque/bank details at the time of enrollment into the DHANLAXMI PLAN and on the maturity of the DHANLAXMI PLAN for authentication.

For accounts opened with monthly instalments of more than 35,000 a self attested copy of the PAN card is mandatorily required for enrollment. Any purchase of 1 Lakh above, on a single day will also require the PAN card copy to be submitted by the customer at the khimji store.

Gold rate booked or changed on the invoice shall vary city wise depending on the Khimji corporate gold rate applied by khimji. The rate of gold shall be based on the Khimji rate of gold prevailing on the date of purchase.